About Me

Hi! I am so excited that that you are here!

My name is LaToija!

First, I want to start off by saying

I have been natural since April 2009. I did several Big Chops before, “Getting It Right”

This Big Chop was done after a regretful Relaxer. I only last 3 weeks with that relaxer! Never again!

This is Big Chop #3. It was done after a regretful Relaxer. I only lasted 3 weeks with that relaxer! Never again!

I know what its like having Natural Hair. I have been through every thing with my hair but one thing I know for sure!

If you follow me on Youtube (HappilyNaturalLit26) or Instagram (HappilyNaturalLit26) you know how passionate I am about Natural Hair. I love all types of hair from tightly coiled, to loose curls, to no curl. Why am I so passionate about Natural Hair? It goes back to slavery. When the slave trades first emerged, over 300 Africans were collected at a time and before they set sail every slaves hair was shaved off. Mostly due to sanitary reasons some say, but whatever the reasoning, shaving the slaves heads was the first step of stripping the slaves of their identity and lowering their status. In addition, slave masters and mistresses often told slave children to refer to their hair as wool and encouraged young slaves not to like their own hair. How terrible is that? I get so angry every time I think about it. Any one who knows me knows that I started my Blog out of pure love for our hair. I even support hair that’s not real but resembles natural hair (i.e. HeatFreeHair, BohoExoticStudio, etc). Please take a few minutes to browse my amazing, fun filled blog! Hopefully you will enjoy your visit as I am very amusing. Be blessed Beautiful!