My Experience On How I Built A 6 Figure Business Using Instagram 2

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I am writing this in hopes to encourage you not to give up on your dreams. I know that life can get hard and money can seem like its super unattainable for some but trust me you will achieve your goals and soon live out your wildest life dreams! I never thought I would make $40,000 a year let alone $100,000! It wasn’t until I decided to trust God and pursue my dreams that I finally experienced happiness and fulfilment in my life.

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March, 2011, I quit my job. I was there for almost 7 years.

I quit my job because I knew for years that God had something more for me. It wasn’t sitting at that cubical 5 days a week making MILLIONS of dollars for someone else. No! God had something extremely big for me to do and I KNEW it! I felt it! for years! But I remained at that job. Until one day! After so many prayers, after too many tears I decided that I couldn’t take it any more. I couldn’t lift a finger to answer another call. I felt breathless, numb, and lifeless.

So I got up, walked over to my manager, and calmly, and quietly said, “I can’t do this anymore.”

“I can’t take another call”.

She looked at me with confusion then she immediately fixed her face, got up from her desk, and we walked to the Human Resources office.

That was my last day.

In 2012, I started an Instagram solely to document my Natural Hair Journey.

Soon after starting my Instagram I noticed pages that would post naturals of all nationalities and different hair textures. I absolutely fell in love!! The down side is that I WANTED TO BE RE-POSTED! I thought my hair was supa dupa fly too!! But… 🙁 I was never chosen to be posted!

So you know what!

I said bump this! I’m going to start MY OWN page of posting bomb naturals! So I did! So, its 2012, and I’m only a few months into my Natural Hair Page and now I’m getting my OWN LIFE from my OWN natural hair re-posts on my OWN Natural Hair Page!!! I honestly wasn’t even concerned about getting followers. I just wanted to re-post amazing Natural Hair so that I could GET MY LIFE!! Within a few months I started getting SO many followers. So, I began thinking to myself, Hmmm! They must be getting their LIFE too!! They must feel how I felt when I would see Natural Hair Pages post bomb hair pictures!!!!


So long story short! I branded myself a Natural Hair Page. For the first time in my life I was doing something I LOVED! I reached over 30,000 followers in a year. Then Tamera Mowry of Sister, Sister (the tv show) shouted me out, I grew to 40K, then she posted my Natural Hair Page on her website as one of

10 Instagram’s to Follow for Hair Inspiration

and the rest is history!

Now, in 2017 I have over 180,000 amazing people who follow my love for natural hair and life! I have created 2 AMAZING hair products The Curl Smiler Hair Butter & Growth Oil! I have made over $300,000 all because of Instagram and the amazing people who support what I believe! Now I want to serve others and teach what has helped me go from a 9-5 to finally loving my life as an entrepreneur and 6 figure earner soon to be a multiple 7 figure earner in the months to come!

See LIVE video below showing earnings from 2014-2017. 



CLICK HERE to receive my FREE CHEAT SHEET: 8 Steps to Growing & Profiting From Instagram + BONUS! 


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2 thoughts on “My Experience On How I Built A 6 Figure Business Using Instagram

  • Latoya Taylor

    Hey it’s me Latoya_the_natural i have been following you for a while now on Instagram. I love your story and may god turn your business in to a multi million dollar business.😊 black excellence! 🖤