My First Podcast Thanks to Pat Flynn!

Hey Yall!!! Who is the MOST excited person on the face of this voluptuous earth!! ME!!!!!

This Podcast (Happily Natural Podcast) was 2 years in the making! In 2014 I set out to learn how to set up a podcast and failed miserably. They say, “Google has ALL the answers and they were RIGHT! Google has all the answers, way too many to be exact! So in 2017 when I hear that unfamiliar sound while standing in my kitchen I felt like it was a sign. Standing in her kitchen? What is she talking about you say?


07/24/17 I was standing in my kitchen when I heard this weird chirping noise. I turned around and looked through out the kitchen. What in the world was that I thought. I asked my boyfriend if there was something he has said or done and he said nope. So I headed towards my phone and picked it up, looked at my phone at noticed that Chalene Johnson was live on Facebook. I have never been on a live video ever and surely had never heard that sound!! I am so happy I did!!

Check out my FIRST podcast!!

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