16 Influential Naturalistas You Need To Know!

1. @_curlcode on Instagram



I absolutely LOVE her product review honesty! She keeps it real and does not sugar coat reviews! If she loves it she says so and she doesn’t just say that she didn’t like it but she explains why in great detail. A MUST FOLLOW on Instagram! She doesn’t have a YouTube just yet but she’s working on it! Keep up the GREAT work @_curlcode!

2. @ange_liah on Instagram



I have never seen natural hair more beautiful!!! OMG!!!! JESUS!!!!!!!!! I pass out every time she post a picture on Instagram! Her hair is MASSIVE and simply BEAUTIFUL!! Love her fashion sense and pray to GOD I can have a body as fit as hers!! She is THE BOMB.com! A MUST FOLLOW on Instagram and YouTube.


3. SimplYounique on YouTube



Are you struggling with your hair? Clueless on style options?? Well, SimplYounique is a HAIR SAVIOUR!! She may not be around anymore but her videos are still on YouTube! No one knows where she is nor how she is doing but we are grateful that her tutorials are still available to see. Go check out my favorite video of her’s that helped me and millions of naturals during our first years of being natural. Click Here.


4. TheGabeFix on YouTube 



If you do not know Gabrielle you have been living under a rock!! Not only is she a major influence on the natural hair community but she has one of THE most entertaining and motivational vlogs on YouTube! CLICK HERE to check out her amazing family vlog! Also follow her natural hair and fashion vlog HERE!

You won’t regret it! You will fall in love with this amazing and positive spirit as well as Chad her AMAZING husband!!! A MUST FOLLOW!


5. @dayelasoul on Instagram



The girl is BADD! Meaning GOOD! Not only is her style the reason her social media presence attracts hundreds a day but her humble spirit will keep her growing for years to come!! Check her out on YouTube and Instagram! A MUST FOLLOW!


6. @_eunicorn on Instagram 



I don’t even know her and her post always feed my souls! She is super wise! If you are trying to find yourself and understand your hair and life she is a MUST FOLLOW on Instagram and YouTube!


7. naptural85 on YouTube 



AKA The Beyoncé of Natural Hair. Nuff said.

I have met Whitney in person and I have NEVER met a more angelic soul. She leaves an imprint on your spirit. Her heart is filled with love, zeal, and passion for people. It is truly felt! You will never forget how she makes you feels. A truly amazing person! A MUST FOLLOW on Instagram and YouTube!


8. mahoganycurls on YouTube



Very similar to naptural85! Jess has a super kind heart! Her YouTube is filled with amazing tutorials from a TWA tutorial to where her length is now!! She is A MUST FOLLOW on Instagram and YouTube (Natural Hair YouTube) and Family Vlog YouTube if you are in need of hair knowledge and styling.


9. thechicnatural on YouTube



I have been following her for almost 7 years!! She does not miss a beat!! When it comes to fashion, health, hair, and beauty she kills the GAME!!!!! Hands DOWN!! What I love about her is that she is consistent with her post on YouTube and she is very positive. She doesn’t dwell on the negative and she lives life to the fullest! It was super exciting when she announced that she was moving to Paris! She documents this journey as well as her vegan journey on her YouTube. She is also amazingly humble and has an amazing spirit! A MUST FOLLOW on Instagram as well!


10. @heycurlie on Instagram



So much great to say about Romance!! The first time I met her she noticed little ole me!! I was like REALLY? You know ME!? With arms open wide she gave the most heart felt hug!! There’s no surprise that she is blowing up!! There’s no surprise companies are flying her out to be apart of their brand. The sky is the limit for heycurlie! A MUST FOLLOW on Instagram and YouTube!


11. @shanillia26 on Instagram 



Mommy of Shanillia and Janelle! She resides in one of the most amazing places on earth! Netherlands!! Shanillia is killing the natural hair tutorial game! If you have a daughter or know of a mom who struggles with her childs natural hair then refer them over to Shanillia’s Instagram and YouTube! You will not regret it!


12. @ayeciara on Instagram


Ciara is so talented as all of the naturalistas on this list are! Blows my mind how many naturals are coming out of no where and suddenly killing it!! Yessss!! You got this girl! You are gonna go FAR!! Keep the faith!! Love her YouTube and Instagram!! A MUST FOLLOW!


13. @chiziduru on Instagram 



Chizi’s knowledge and experience is amazing!! She is only one of 4c naturals who can whip her hair up into the most BEAUTIFUL styles!! A MUST FOLLOW!! You can catch her craft on Instagram and YouTube! 


14. @napturalelenore on Instagram 



From her DAY ONE on Instagram I have been a HUGE SUPER FAN!! Brittney is…I mean I have no words!! She is a true natural when it comes to beauty!! A MUST FOLLOW!!! Check her out on Instagram and YouTube!! 


15. @joyjah on Instagram



Joyjah is a SUPER sweet heart!!! She is a master piece!! Her hair! Her spirit is so refreshing! When it comes to hair, posing, and just being HUMAN she knows how to do it all!! She is a MUST FOLLOW on Instagram and YouTube!!

16. msvaughntv on YouTube



ABSOLUTELY ADORE VAUGHN!!! Much like the other naturals on this list I have been following her for years!! She has supported me so much and I her as well! Her YouTube has helped my hair tremendously as well as her fashion!! She KILLS the game along with @thechicnatural when it comes to fashion!! Her Instagram and YouTube always brightens up my days!! She is a MUST FOLLOW!!


Every person on this list is not only killing the game on social media but they are truly good people who are deserving of every blessing they have right now! Please support and show them love! To those not apart of this list please know you are AMAZING and I am not done!! I will mention more naturals who inspire so many of us to go and remain natural!! 


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