Confessions of A Product Junkie! 2

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YES! I CONFESS! I was once! A #ProductJunkie

Confessions of A Product Junkie

Confessions of A Product Junkie

But you know what! I have overcome! How did I do it?

Before my recovery I was buying a new hair product at least once a week! At one time in my life I spent over $300 in 1 month on hair products! I purchased over $60 in Qhemet Biologics products my first year of being natural! That same week I bought over $50 in Karen’s Body Beautiful Products. Then! I turned around and purchased $50 in Elucence Line Shampoo and Conditioner!

  • The PROs of being a Product Junkie:
  • The PROs of being a Product Junkie: You can tell other naturals about good/bad products. You become sort of a Natural Hair Guru, and that’s a GOOD THING! You can save others from making a terrible mistake, i.e. protein sensitive naturals, or those with allergies to a specific ingredient.
  • The PROs of being a Product Junkie: You can give it away to some deserving soul! Don’t throw it away! Be a Cheerful giver! You’re not using it anyway. Do a giveaway immediately! Don’t wait too long though. No one wants a product that’s been sitting under the bathroom sink for 2 years.


Once I learned to let go of products that would NEVER work for my hair, I was finally able to focus on what products DID work for my hair. 

  • The CONs of Being a Product Junkie: Your bathroom is a MESS. Products everywhere! 

Products that you haven’t used in YEARS still remain under the bathroom sink. In a bin or a large tub, just there serving no purpose. Throw them all away TODAY. Let them go, as hard as it is. LET it go. You will feel so much better. There will be no more clutter. Your husband will thank you. You will thank you.

In conclusion, remember to finish the use of products that worked for you. Don’t complicate life any more than you have to. You know what YOUR hair LOVES. Stick with it. There’s NOTHING wrong with a little indulgence just never forget WHAT WORKS.

Being a Product Junkie can be super fun! But never forget what actually worked.


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