Why Not Drinking Water is a HUGE Mistake!

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If you do not believe anything else that you hear today BELIEVE THIS! Water is YOUR LIFE SUPPLY!

When it comes to hair growth, stomach aches, hangovers (lemon water), headaches, STRESS, weight loss, digestion, bowel movements, mind clarity, mood bettering, lowering body temperature, adding moisture to hair, prettier skin, clearer skin, less facial breakouts, did I say longer hair!? Water can help with all of this and the list doesn’t stop here!! Water may not be the solitary ingredient in relieving your pain but it may surely help to prevent some of these issues from arising or becoming worse!

Yes I know I know water is not tasty at all but isn’t the most amazing stuff that benefit our hair and body not fun nor tasty?


Lets take for instance the Parachute Coconut Oil that I offer. If you do not add a great smelling essential oil to it it has this bold, coconuty smell but it’s the MOST AMAZING coconut oil in the world!

So let’s do this! Please do this! It would make me SO HAPPY!! If you would do this!

(Imagine me smiling super hard right now!)

In all honesty it’s not FOR ME it’s FOR YOU and in the long run your health, hair, and skin will THANK YOU!

Get up from where you are right now, and go pour you a nice tall glass of H2O. I prefer purified or filtered water. Why do I prefer purified or filtered water? Because tap water that is not filtered or purified has so much bad stuff in it.

Tap water can prevent normal digestion and sometimes minimize the amazing benefits of clean and clear water. So filter your water today or just go buy some nice, clean, purified water. It cost nothing and offers lasting, and positive effects on your overall health!

Another reason why you should drink water is because you will just look better! You will feel better! Drinking water should be as important as getting enough sleep!

If you don’t drink water you may have health issues later on in life. Not drinking water could halt your process of trying to lose weight, you won’t experience the amount of hair growth that you could be experiencing, you may not have the clearest skin, your health could suffer from lack of water and you could be missing out on the best that life has to offer when it comes to health, mental happiness, and physical endurance!

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