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Hi! My name is Latoija Jones creator and founder of Natural Encouragement, LLC also creator of the wildly popular natural hair product The Curl Smiler! I am dedicated to encouraging, and teaching naturals about natural hair and how to care for and love your hair. I will periodically send emails on what I have over come as a natural for the past 5 years so make sure to sign up with my email list of over 8,000 other naturals. If you want to learn more about me you can visit my YouTube: HappilyNaturalLit26 or do you need natural hair inspiration? Check out my Instagram with over 156,000 other naturals @HappilyNaturalCurls on Instagram. 


My Natural Hair has been through so much! It’s been through heat damage, a bad bleach dye, cutting WAY TOO OFTEN, and relaxing it after being 2 years natural. I have also dealt with the, “Hand In Hair” Syndrome!

I could just SCREAM!!!

OH! wait, did I mention 3 big chops!!


I know I can’t be alone! But now, FINALLY! I got this! No more heat, MORE PATIENCE, moisturize often, WATER is my hairs BEST friend,

No more bleach, I only trim once or twice a year, I protective style often, meaning I only style weekly, not daily, and MOST OF ALL! I ABSOLUTELY love my hair more than ever!

FullSizeRender (4)

The picture above shows hair growth from 2013-2015. Now my hair is healthy, growing, and retaining length thanks to some AMAZING healthy hair practices that I will be sharing soon!!

I know I can’t be alone in this! What are some issues that you have or had when it comes to your hair? What questions do you have? I can help you with your journey.

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10 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Mistakes

  • Brandi

    I’m having the hardest time keeping my hair moisturizer. No matter what product I put it in it, it’s still rough to touch and dry.

  • Charlene

    Totally understand your struggle! I had to learn the hard way too. Just last year I tried out the “kitchen chemist” approaching mixing and trying new DIY recipes, OVER manipulating, and everything in between. Simple is better. Enjoy watching your hair journey 🙂

  • Agie

    Hi, I’m kinda new to this community. But I haven’t relaxed my hair for more than 6 months now. Can u pls give me tips on how to get my curls? I recently purchased curl smiler and some other natural hair products. But I have no idea where to start.I see other naturally curlies and I admire their hair so much. Can u give Me some tips on getting my curls permanently please?