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The Day I Quit My Job #MarryTheDream

March, 2011, I quit my job. I was there for almost 7 years.

I quit my job because I knew for years that God had something more for me. It wasn’t sitting at that cubical 5 days a week making MILLIONS of dollars for someone else. No! God had something extremely big for me to do and I KNEW it! I felt it! for years! But I remained at that job. Until one day! After so many prayers, after too many tears I decided that I couldn’t take it any more. I couldn’t lift a finger to answer another call. I felt breathless, numb, and lifeless.

So I got up, walked over to my manager, and calmly, and quietly said, “I can’t do this anymore.”

“I can’t take another call”.

She looked at me with confusion then she immediately fixed her face, got up from her desk, and we walked to the Human Resources office.

That was my last day.


What is my Dream? #MarryTheDream

My dream is to become an Entrepreneur, to work for myself, to go hard for myself, and to promote myself! My goal is to develop my own Natural Hair Care Product Line. I will take the Natural Curly Hair Industry by STORM and show the naysayers that Natural Hair is BEAUTIFUL!

I need so BADLY to live what I love, to make a profit doing what I love, and to excel financially doing only what I absolutely find fulfillment in. I want to encourage, uplift, and show women with Natural Hair that our hair is VERY beautiful. For almost 2 years I have lived the life of knowing what it is like to be my own boss and I LOVE IT. I have been promoting the most AMAZING coconut oil! Parachute Coconut Oil based out of India. I wanted to promote this product in 2009 when I discovered how AMAZING it was but I wasn’t ready then. This oil has taken very kinky hair from dry, breaking, dull hair, to feeling and looking simply AMAZING!! Over 120,000+ bottles distributed in just under 2 years!

Since providing this oil I have developed the skills, and the endurance that it takes to become an Entrepreneur. I know for a FACT when my very own my product becomes available, I will only turn into FIRE!! My product and knowledge will change lives, hair, and self esteems. I want women with Kinky/Curly Hair to believe that we CAN have the most beautiful, easy to manage, Natural Hair with the right product, patience, and commitment.




How am I Promoting Myself in Order to Fulfill My Dream? #MarryTheDream

In 2013, I started a YouTube Channel (HappilyNaturalLit26) catered to Natural Kinky/Curly Hair. Why? Because women with my kind of hair texture needed to see more women embracing their hair as well as a focus on how to manage it properly. I have 6 thousand followers and growing. This year, in 2015 I have gained over 400+ followers thanks to better content and consistency.

In 2012, I started an Instagram solely to document my Natural Hair Journey.

Soon after starting my Instagram I noticed pages that would post naturals of all nationalities and different hair textures. I absolutely fell in love!! The down side is that I WANTED TO BE RE-POSTED! I thought my hair was supa dupa fly too!! But… 🙁 I was never chosen to be posted!




So you know what!

I said bump this! I’m going to start MY OWN page of posting bomb naturals! So I did! So, its 2012, and I’m only a few months into my Natural Hair Page and now I’m getting my OWN LIFE from my OWN natural hair re-posts on my OWN Natural Hair Page!!! I honestly wasn’t even concerned about getting followers. I just wanted to re-post amazing Natural Hair so that I could GET MY LIFE!! Within a few months I started getting SO many followers. So, I began thinking to myself, Hmmm! They must be getting their LIFE too!! They must feel how I felt when I would see Natural Hair Pages post bomb hair pictures!!!!


So long story short! I branded myself a Natural Hair Page. I went through MANY sleepless nights doing what I LOVED! I reached over 30,000 followers in a year. Then Tamera Mowry of Sister, Sister (the tv show) shouted me out, I grew to 40K, then she posted my Natural Hair Page on her website as one of

10 Instagram’s to Follow for Hair Inspiration

and the rest is history!


It’s 2015, I’m close to 80,000 followers! My goal is to reach 100K by October 2015. Why? Not for popularity because clearly the pictures I post are not of me but because I want to be a light in a dark world. I want to spread love and show as many people as possible that LOVE exist! God EXIST! and that Kinky/Curly Hair is the BOMB!

My goal was never to get a whole bunch of followers. It was about my passion, my drive, my love for what many think is ugly, too nappy, or not beautiful enough. I along with many other Natural Hair Pages such as, (@BerryCurly, @MyHairCrush, @TeamNatural_, NaturalHairDaily…just to name a few) are TAKING OVER! And abolishing this CRAZY idea that Natural Hair is ugly or not flattering! We are here to prove that Natural Hair is beautiful and to show you some of the MOST AMAZING! MOST BEAUTIFUL! Natural Hair styles that has ever existed!!

I love Kinky/Curly Hair. I love it so much that I want to help others grow it and grow to love it. I am also a very skilled hair stylist without the degree but I hope to one day be able to finish my Cosmetology Degree once I become financially stable. As for now, I will use this BRAND SPANKING new and upcoming blog to bring you the most HELPFUL and AMAZING tips! Like I mentioned before, our hair is VERY beautiful and we can have the most beautiful, easy to manage, Natural Hair!


Secrets to Success


What Steps am I Taking Towards my Dream/Why do I want to #MarryTheDream?

I don’t sleep! Like right now! I am writing this Blog on ZERO! I have not been to sleep in 24 hours because I have been working solely on my blog. It’s my PASSION!! It’s what I LOVE!! What DRIVES me is encouraging Naturals. That’s my DRIVE! That’s what I LOVE! I will make a living doing what I love and I WILL encourage so many!

Implementations for the month of August 2015

  • Blogs 3 times a week this month.
  • Post on social media 3 days out of every week.
  • Research the steps to start a Hair Care Line.
  • Finish working on my first product
  • Get a logo for my Instagram Page


Please accept my heartfelt thanks for reading this WHOLE blog. It means more to me than you will ever know!

I want YOU to press hard towards YOUR goals and trust and believe that if it happened for that very successful person that you look up too then its possible for YOU to be SUCCESSFUL TOO!

Never give up hope.

Please follow Mattieologie.com for AMAZING Inspiration! Follow her on Periscope! (Periscope is an App)

@Mattieologie Told Me To #MarryTheDream

@Mattieologie Told Me To #MarryTheDream

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9 thoughts on “#MarryTheDream

  • Marisha

    Thanks for sharing your journey. It’s tough to be transparent and reveal your vulnerabilities in a world that thrives on social media and attempts to portray perfection in every post! It is inspiring to hear that others like you do take the leap and continue to dig deep within themselves every day to pull out their passion, pull out their best so that others can be uplifted through their interaction with you! Amazing post..keep up the great work!

  • Alghashiyah Murray

    Congrats I’m sooo happy for you!! 💕💕 you are definitely an inspiration and I love your spirit of sharing knowledge and other people beauty!! check your tag on Instagram (naifsadiahmom) this is what your coconut oil did for my daughter’s hair. my cousin asked me to do her hair for the wedding I was extra nervous because I wanted it to turn out perfect I knew the coconut oil would give it shine and life…long and behold it came out beautiful..thanks for sharing Good Luck!!

    • HappilyNaturalLit26 Post author

      oh wow!! Thank you so much!!! This means so much!! I am so so so happy her hair came out GREAT!! YESSSS!! I will check out your ig!!!

  • Anonymous

    Inspiring. I’m a little confused though because the article says you left a job in 2011 but the email says you were fired in 2014. Did u go back in the work force which is when you were fired? What made u go back after entrepreneurship?

    • Latoija

      Hi!! I have a podcast called Happily Natural. I go into detail about that part. Here’s the link. ☺️🙏🏽💗 bit.ly/happilynaturalpodcast Episode #2.