Natural Hair Mistakes: Trimming Too Much!

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  • Natural Hair Mistakes: Trimming Too Much!

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Below you will find VALUABLE information to help ease you along your journey!


This is directed to Natural Hair women/men with Type 4 Hair.


Type 4 Natural Hair

Type 4 Natural Hair


Have you been told that you should trim every 6-8 weeks? Or Trim every 4 weeks?

I say NO YOU DO NOT! This is the MYTH that caused me to never see growth retention!

I went natural in 2009. By listening to the person who told me this trimming MYTH I was trimming my hair EVERY 6-8 weeks! What did this do for my hair? It kept me stagnant in my hair journey for the first 2 years. I was trimming even when my hair didn’t need it!!

The TRUTH: ONLY trim when you necessarily have to! I have kinky/curly hair (4b-c). I trim once or twice a year. Lately it has been only once.

When to Trim? Do you have kinky/curly hair and your ends feel like sand paper? It’s time for a trim. Only trim the sand paper feeling off. If you have single strand knots to the point where it’s unbearable then it’s time for a trim. Sometimes with fairy knots/single strand knots you can’t get away from having those so you may want to limit wash and go’s.

Final Facts: LISTEN to your hair. If your hair is not healthy or it doesn’t feel right please consult a Natural Hair Stylist. Have her or him feel your hair, and thoroughly examine your hair. Sometimes a trim is not always needed. You may just need a really good deep condition and or protein treatment (Do not over use protein, my next post in this series).

Thank you for reading and REMEMBER!

Until next post! Be BLESSED and be a blessing to someone else!

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